Remember the a la Mode


Rafting on the Guadalupe River
Depart at 10:45AM, Return at 3:45PM
Cost: $85

It’s a nice slow float under a canopy of cypress trees along the Guadalupe River. The Guadalupe River is located in the historic town of Gruene, Texas, just 30 minutes from the hotel.

The lazy river is waiting for everyone to select their “vehicle of choice,” a tube, a raft or canoe! Don’t worry, there will be guides on hand to assist you into your float and all along the route down river. Now, off you go into the average 65 degree water for a leisurely 2 hour float down the river. There are curves, bends, rapids and breathtaking scenery on this afternoon of great fun.

Everyone must wear some sort of shoe (tennis, etc.) and know how to swim. Bring a towel & a dry change of clothes.

Cave Walking
Depart at 11:00AM, Return at 3:00PM
Cost: $105

Recently voted one of the top ten caves in the United States, the National Bridge Caverns offer Hatters a premier natural attraction. Get ready for a high energy activity*!

Tour the massive, cave formations formed by single drops of water and the slow passage of time. With the exception of the lighting, walkways and handrails, you will find the North Cave much the same as the discoverers did in 1960. It’s a whole new world to discover with towering and majestic formations created at an average rate of only one cubic inch every one hundred years! As the constant dripping of water proves, they’re still alive and growing. Travel the winding passages and be amazed at how the incredible and rare formations of the cavern reveal themselves in room after dazzling room. The tour inside the caverns takes approximately 75 minutes.

After your adventures, check out the new Shops of Discover Village. Indulge yourself at Big Daddy’s Sweets, Treats and Brew, an old-fashioned parlor and general store. Shop for amazing gifts, jewelry and souveniers in the Discovery Village Trading Post.

* This is a walking tour. Everyone must wear a shoe with good traction and be in reasonably good shape as the caves do have some steep hills. Attendees should be able to walk unassisted a minimum of 1.5 miles.


Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling
Depart at 12:00 Noon, Return at 3:00PM
Cost: $90

As the only “brewstillery” in Texas, Ranger Creek offers a unique, educational tour where you can learn how they make their beer and their bourbon. The popular Brewstillery Tour is two tours in one. You’ll learn how to make beer and bourbon, and at the end you’ll understand the fascinating relationship between the two. This intimate, immersive experience focuses on education but ensures you have a drink in your hand while you’re learning. This full tour includes a detailed guided tour, a souvenir pint glass, and 3 sample tastings of your choice. It’s educational and fun!

Missions of San Antonio
Depart at 11:00AM, Return at 3:00PM
Cost: $60

One of the country’s few National Parks within an urban setting, the San Antonio Missions tell the story of the European expansion in the New World.

The “Queen of the Missions,” Mission San Jose is our first stop. This site was established in 1720 and is the largest and best restored of the San Antonio’s five missions. We will tour the Indians’ quarters that were located within the walls as well as the Spanish soldiers’ quarters. San Jose’s church is one of the most beautiful in the country with its elaborate carvings on the chapel façade.

As we venture to our next stop, we will view Espada Dam. This dam was built curving the wrong way and has withstood floods for more than 200 years.

The second mission on our tour made its permanent home along the banks of the San Antonio River in 1731. Mission San Juan Capistrano established a trade network stretching east to Louisiana and south to Coahuila, Mexico. Mission Espada was established in 1731 but was never completed. It still stands as an outline of an intended church. Time stands still at Espada, which seems as remotely located today as the day it was built.

Next is the oldest unrestored mission church in Texas. Mission Concepcion was established in 1731 and the Twin Towers and beautiful cupola helped make it a construction project of twenty-plus years.

Our last stop will be The Alamo, “The Shrine of Texas Liberty” and San Antonio’s first Mission. Today, it is one of the most photographed facades in the country and the #1 tourist attraction in the state. We will tour the chapel and walk the grounds as we learn about the “Battle for Texas Independence.” You will also have some time to wander through their wonderful gift shop.