Membership Terms and Conditions
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Red Hat Society Chapter status entitles Chapters to:

  1. One full year Membership in the Red Hat Society
  2. One personalized Supporting Membership card
  3. One year's rights and privileges, including:
    • full access to the password-protected Red Hat Society website
  4. Digital or Email Communications, including:
    • Weekly Friday Broadcast
    • Quarterly digital Red Hatter Matters newsletter
  5. All pertinent benefits and discounts
  6. Access to Chapter Contact
  7. Access to view the RHS Online Event Calendar, receive event invitations, flag events, share with a friend, or RSVP to invitations
  8. A Royal Invitation to participate in Red Hat Society sponsored events
  9. The right to use the Red Hat Society Chapter Logo on member materials, following the guidelines given in the Red Hat Society Logo Usage Policy
  10. Investment in having the time of your life!
  11. Other privileges, which may be subject to change

Membership fees are used to support a full time office where all phone calls and e-mails are answered as quickly and efficiently as possible and members are assisted personally with questions and concerns whenever possible. (Operational costs incurred include: employee salaries, insurance, taxes, rent, phone bills, internet bills, programming fees, computers, office supplies and furnishings, etc.) Your chapter will be sent a notice of expiration by e-mail prior to chapter listing expiration. If a chapter renewal fee is not received by the chapter expiration date, the chapter will lose all of the privileges pertaining thereto. A grace period will be permitted so that chapters will have ample time to renew before a lapse of status occurs.

Members of Red Hat Society Chapters must not:

  1. Engage in negotiations with any third party on behalf of the Red Hat Society.
  2. Use the Red Hat Society name to sell or promote any commercial product or service.
  3. Distribute any type of printed materials in the name of the Red Hat Society which has not been supplied or given previous approval by The Red Hat Society, Inc.
  4. Use the name of the Red Hat Society, the Red Hat Society logo, Ruby RedHat, or any other intellectual property belonging to the Red Hat Society in conjunction with any unethical, immoral or otherwise inappropriate agencies or affiliations.
  5. Use information from this web site ( or from "the Queen Member Board" ( to form e-mail "spam" lists or solicitation lists of any kind, or related to any activity or event.
  6. Use their Red Hat Society affiliation as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products or services.
  7. Use any of the content of this web site on any other web site or printed material for any purpose without prior written permission from The Red Hat Society, Inc.
  8. Use "The Queen Member Board", "Red Hat Chat" and/or any other vehicle of communication provided on this web site to harass, misinform, mislead or confuse others.
  9. Violate the Event Policies of the Red Hat Society as stated on this web site.
  10. Present their chapter as part of an independent organization. A chapter must always present itself as a chapter of the Red Hat Society. If the chapter has a chapter web site, the chapter name indicating its affiliation with the Red Hat Society and a link to must be prominently displayed on the first page, without any "scrolling" necessary.
  11. Use their Red Hat Society affiliation to solicit membership in an organization which appears to be in direct competition with, or to be an infringement upon the intellectual property of, the Red Hat Society.

In an effort to ensure the continued Legacy of our Society, RHS expects all Members to keep their Membership dues current. If, for unforeseen circumstances, a Member does not pay on time and calls or mails in a payment at a later date, their Membership is retroactive to their original anniversary date and is good from one year from the anniversary date. If it is over a year or more, it is expected that Members will pay the retroactive fees associated with the Membership and/or Chapter charter not to exceed the current year and one previous years dues ($78 for Queens and $40 for Supporting Members) and the current year's Membership kit will be sent out. For example: if a Member originally signed up in May and, due to personal issues, was not able to call into Hatquarters until September to renew her Membership, the RHS will help her renew her Membership retroactive to May and her anniversary date will remain the same. International Sisters are encouraged to email Hatquarters at ( and specify a time and phone number requesting a phone call to assist them in the renewal. This policy goes into effect January 1, 2012. To prevent RHS from charging back dues, please ensure that you pay for your yearly Membership prior to this date and a back payment will not be required.

The Red Hat Society reserves all rights to terminate Chapter status based on a failure to comply with any or all of the above terms and conditions and/or for improprieties which give the appearance of a failure to comply with any or all of the above terms and conditions. Chapter fees and/or membership fees will be forfeited by the offending chapter/member(s) in the case of discontinued chapter/membership service.

Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions may result in legal action by The Red Hat Society, Inc. and/or the discontinuance of any or all Red Hat Society services. Chapter fees and / or membership fees will be forfeited by the offending member(s) in the case of discontinued membership service.

In the event that an individual chooses to discontinue membership in The Red Hat Society, she should not use Red Hat Society intellectual property, including but not limited to its logo in any way. Furthermore, such individuals should not use Red Hat Society trade dress colors, red and purple, pink and lavender, or combinations thereof in any way which would confuse the general public to believe that they continue to be associated with or represent the Red Hat Society or its members.

Membership is non-refundable.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment without prior notice.