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Guest Blogger - HATalk E-magazine RHS Blog Post

Posted By Administration, Thursday, December 8, 2016

Guest blogger Becky Weaver, Editor of HATalk e-magazine, shares an easy and inexpensive boa project which would make a great Christmas present - especially if you make it in red and purple!

What you will need

Various Types of Yarn - To make a really interesting boa, you will need several types and thicknesses of yarn, fancy thread or fine cord. Colors can be completely random or themed, depending on personal choice. The boa will feel more luxurious if some of the yarns are thick and soft. It will look more glamorous if there are fine threads and sparkling elements incorporated. You will also need a medium weight yarn, preferably with a polyester or other man-made fiber content for strength, as the lacing yarn which holds the boa together.


Card Stock Paper or Poster Board - Cut a piece of rigid card into a simple U-shape (as shown below). This U-shaped device can made in virtually any size, with arms of any thickness. The width of the yarn loops will be half the distance between the outside arms of the U.

Note: To demonstrate this method, we have shown just one of the boa yarns being used - a heavyweight yarn with flecks; with the lacing yarn - an orange-brown double knitting (worsted weight) acrylic yarn. Pictures are in the thumbnails below.

1. Start by forming a loop with a slipknot near the end of the lacing yarn. Place the end of the boa yarn through the loop, but don’t pull the loop tight. Hold the loop and bottom of the card U (in the first photo, the hand has moved slightly away from this position so that you can see what is happening). Take the boa yarn in the other hand and wind it once round each arm of the U, passing between them to form a ‘Figure 8.’

2. Now turn the lacing yarn loop so that it lies on top of the wound boa yarn, in the centre of the U. Push the lacing yarn which lies behind through the loop to form another loop. Pull gently on this new loop and you will close the first loop, tightening it on the boa yarns going through it. Wind the boa yarn around the arms of the U as before and push the lacing yarn up through the new new loop. Pull tight once again.

3. Repeat the process described until the arms of the U are full. Carefully slide off the wound yarn and place it on the card U at the bottom, just where you placed the first loop in the lacing yarn. You can now continue for as long as you wish, winding the boa yarn and holding everything together with the lacing yarn loops.

4. When you have created sufficient length, cut the lacing yarn, put the end through the last loop and pull tight. It is advisable to either sew down over the lacing yarn loops in the centre of the boa with a sewing machine, or to backstitch over them by hand. This will make the boa much more secure. When you have finished sewing, simply give your boa a shake to fluff it up and it’s ready to use!

5. As you can see, we have made the boa in two different widths. The one on the left is suitable for use as a hatband. It was made on a narrower U-shaped card which measured approximately 5 inches from side to side (across the arms of the U). The wider boa on the right could be used as a scarf and was made on a U which measured approximately 7 inches from side to side.

This project was originally featured in HATalk Issue 9. To see more great hats and download over a hundred DIY projects, subscribe to HATalk e-magazine today! Red Hat Society Members get $40 off the normal subscription price by entering coupon code rhs2016 at the checkout page of

Becky Weaver - HATalk Editor


Not a member of the Red Hat Society? There's only one, join the fun!

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Reatha I. Bryant says...
Posted Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Sound pretty, do you have a picture of it?
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Shalia Gibson says...
Posted Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Yes it is on the RHS home page under Red Hat Chat Blog. Dec. 8th.  Click on the thumbnails below the blog to view and enlarge the image of the hat.
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