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Time To Get Packing For New York!

Posted By Admimistrator, Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Updated: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Time to get packing for New York, all you convention-goers! Yes, I will admit that a gathering in the middle of New York City (ON Times Square, no less) requires a little more effort in the wardrobe preparation department than most conventions. But nobody is expected to break the bank by purchasing purple and red everything (certainly not in the boots and coat category). But, then again, if you already have it, can find it at a thrift store or borrow it......

Now for a major digression... 

Membership in the Red Hat Society changes just about every woman’s life for the better, but certain women have seized on our mission statement and incorporated it into their personal lives more than others. One of these is my old high school friend, now known in RHS circles as “The Lady Patricia.” Pat was always a sparkplug in high school, once organizing a group of us to humiliate ourselves royally by prancing in a cakewalk dance number in a “talent” show. But after graduation, marrying and having a daughter, she went into a profession that required her to fade into the background, to be – shall we say – circumspect and low-key (at least during work hours). She became a court reporter, eventually opening her own court reporting school. And she dressed the part. Whether she was typing silently in court or recording private depositions she wore navy, black or beige suits, “sensible” heels and discreet pearl studs in her ears – and totally avoided calling any attention to herself. For years and years, she was all business....

Until Pat joined the Dazzling Divas and embraced a persona much more in keeping with her true self. Quickly dubbing herself “The Lady Patricia,” she created a glamorous purple wardrobe, by sewing most of it herself. She set about assembling a collection of bling that undoubtedly rivals that of Queen Elizabeth herself. (OK, The Lady Patricia’s bling is not “real”). She found purple foxtails online, a purple lace parasol, and all sorts of other fabulous accessories.

Pat had always sewed a bit when she was younger, but when she became Lady Patricia she suddenly stepped it up in a big way. She claims that the RHS tenet advising us to find fulfillment by following old dreams encouraged her to return to sewing with a gusto - and nobody does gusto like Pat! She ordered buckram and a milliner’s hat form and figured out how to make hats for herself. She bought advanced sewing and embroidery machines and took classes in heirloom sewing. One of her early ventures into this highly-skilled endeavor was making an enchanting lavender baby dress and pink bonnet for my first granddaughter, Hannah. Now she has adorable twin granddaughters who benefit mightily from her skills. And her Chapterettes have benefited from her skills as well; included among other lovely gifts she has made for them are customized tote bags, featuring their names. She makes gorgeous purple ensembles for herself. She has even whipped up a full-length purple faux “mink” coat! She loaned it to me for the 2006 New Year’s Day parade in London.

Guess what I am borrowing to take to New York?!  Isn’t Sisterhood great? THANK YOU, Lady Patricia!


In friendship,

Sue Ellen

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Marvell Phillips says...
Posted Monday, February 6, 2017
👍🏾 Way to go
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