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Seeing the Red Hat Society

Posted By Administration, Thursday, May 11, 2017
Updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I was out to dinner with my dad and stepmom one Friday night during April when I noticed a bunch of older women walking in with these really huge, detailed red hats. The diner staff was directing them all to the same room, but I didn’t think much of it. As I was eating my Reuben, Dad had made a comment about all of these women with these red hats, and how it couldn’t just be a coincidence. My stepmom looked at him and said, as passively as if she was talking about fruit sales: “Oh, that’s just the Red Hat Society.”

I kind of laughed a bit and put down a french fry. “The what,” I asked her. I wanted to make sure I heard her correctly.

“The Red Hat Society,” she said. “It’s a group of women who meet with red hats.”

I was smiling by this point. No way is this true, I was thinking to myself. By this time, there were about 15 women in this back room wearing red hats and purple dresses. I knew she wasn’t lying, but at the same time, this seemed kind of fake.

“It’s not fake,” she said to me. “These women meet and talk about things. It’s a giant social thing.”

These women were coming in with some of the biggest red hats I had ever seen. The hats reminded me of something you would see on the women in England: extravagant, bold, expensive looking. Every time another woman came in, I was totally amazed by the hats.

We finished our food and I ran out to the car as fast as I could. I wanted to Google the Red Hat Society, but I needed my car charger. My stepmom thought my curiosity was hilarious. I was amazed at how intrigued I was at this mystery club with colorful clothing.

Google brought me right to their website. With some digging, this is what I found. This information is copy and pasted directly from the website, as not to leave out anything important. All rights belong to the Red Hat Society:

Most women give their all to family, career, and community. And they enjoy it. But, along the way, sometimes our existing bonds of friendship gradually diminish. Membership in the Red Hat Society is a rewarding vehicle for reconnecting old friends, making new friends and rediscovering the joy of getting together with other women for the express purpose of… having FUN! We wholeheartedly promote periods of “recess” from the cares and duties of everyday life in which Hatters gather for no other purpose than to play.

I also found out that this club considered itself a “play group for women” and divides its members into two groups; queens and members. Women over 50-years-old wear red hats and purple clothing, where women under 50-years-old wear pink hats and lavender clothing. Everyone I saw was wearing red and purple. I didn’t even realize there were younger members until I did some research.

The description of the rankings (all rights belong to the Red Hat Society, description copy and pasted for accuracy):

Queen of a Chapter

·    You deserve the title! You’ve always felt you were Queen material.

·    You are ready for the attention that comes along with being THE QUEEN!

·    You want to lead a Chapter that shares the power of fun and friendship.

·    You are new to the area, in a new life stage or ready for new friendships.

·    You have a specific interest or talent and want to attract others who enjoy your idea of fun.

Supporting Member

·    You are ready to bring fun and friendship into your life.

·    You are new to the idea of “play” in your life and want to test the waters before diving in.

·    You are new to the area or in a new life stage.

·    You’ve already met a local Chapter you want to play with and will be aligning with that Chapter.


RHS prides themselves in being able to help women “shed stereotypes” and “form bonds” with other women who have like minds and similar interests.

To see this with my own eyes was pretty cool. I didn’t know the Red Hat Society existed, but I was so interested in what this club was all about that I just had to share this experience, and the research that I found, with you all. You never know what you’ll learn about when you go out to dinner with your parents.


Blog Credit: Kate Lembo

Photo Source: Pinterest

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