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Event Calendar

The Red Hat Society is a "disorganization" whose life flows from the creativity and spontaneity of our membership expressed primarily through chapter affiliations. Sometimes, especially when it comes to finding fun chapter events in your area, it isn't as fun to be completely disorganized. As a result, members have been asking us to provide a more organized way of posting and finding local chapter events.

The Red Hat Society Online Event Calendar can be accessed through the Red Hat Society website by logging in and clicking on "My Calendar" in the little lavender box at the top left of the page. The Calendar facilitates:

  • Improved communication to Red Hat Society members regarding events planned by the Red Hat Society and chapters in all parts of the world.
  • Viewing of all Red Hat Society and chapter events in one place.
  • Clearer information regarding the nature of events planned and who is sponsoring them.
  • Easier access to event details.
  • An easier way to contact other chapters and members in your area to invite them to your event.

Registered chapter Queens and/or Supporting Members who desire to post chapter events on the Red Hat Society Event Calendar may do so free of charge by submitting a simple online event-posting request.

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