Benefit/Fundraiser/Parking Lot/Homemade Baked Goods Sale
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Benefit/Fundraiser/Parking Lot/Homemade Baked Goods Sale

FORMER RED HATTER NEEDS HELP! MAY 20, 2017 – 8AM TO 3PM - City of St. George Approved; Business License No. 00040720; 35 South 400 West, St. George, UT, Contact: Beverly McCarrell, (435) 773-0388; Fundraiser for Sherre’ Weaver; Donations Needed for Parking Lot Sale and/or monetary help at; Sherre' has Chronic Lyme Disease and multiple other ailments; has limited time for medical treatment. Sherre's been too sick to continue RHS, but wants to rejoin.

When: 4/19/17 to 5/20/17
8 AM to 10 PM
Where: Parking Lot/Lobby
35 South 400 West Suite 200
St George, Utah  84770
United States
Presenter: Beverly McCarrell
Contact: Beverly McCarrell

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May 20, 2017 – 8AM to 3PM

Benefit/Fundraiser/Parking Lot/

Homemade Baked Goods Sale

35 South 400 West, St. George, UT, (435) 773-0388

Fundraiser for Sherre’ Weaver

** Her Story **

Since 2012, I have been suffering with a silent chronic disease, LYME DISEASE. I was exhausted; my vision started to blur and I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye with an astigmatism; I struggled focusing and was continually asking clients to repeat themselves and I was diagnosed with significant hearing loss in my right ear with no ability to hear several pitches in the left ear. Later, I started having severe joint pain.

April of 2013, I became so sick that I struggled to get out of bed and could not move any joints without excruciating pain. One day after I woke up with joint paralysis, my pain management doctor researched my blood tests and immediately took me out of work and put me on FMLA. My inflammation count was dangerously high and I could no longer function, lift my arms, use any joints, work or take care of myself and my little dog. My Parents picked us up and moved us to Utah from Colorado to take care of me and help financially because I was too sick to be able to work.

I have also been fighting for SSDI since 2013 and had to get an attorney to help me get insurance and Social Security to be able to survive.

November 22, 2016, (4.5 years later), I received a definitive and official diagnosis with supporting documentation, X-rays, MRI’s, Cat scans, Blood work, DNA and CEDSA Vital Scans. I’ve been diagnosed with Borrelia, Afzelli, Garinii and Hensalae Lyme Disease and internal deteriorating. Osteoarthritis (bone loss), Epstein-bar, Chronic Pain/Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I also have over 16 co-infections developed from Lyme disease and all 4 different Lyme strains are in my brain, eyes, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, adrenals, muscles, soft tissues and joints. My disease is aggressively spreading and it’s destroyed my immunity and digestion system.

March 2017, x-rays show my spine, my L4 is over 50% degenerated, have possible additional abnormal bone growth along my back and that my right hip is sitting up 2” higher than my left. A Go Fund Medical Account raised enough money to purchase a True Rife System and some supplements. The Rife technology is a proven therapy treatment that’s used to successfully reduce and rid growing Lyme spirochetes while slowly pulling out Lyme disease that hides inside a thick biofilm and lives and hoards under cells.

Because I have spent years waiting for the government to determine my fate, I am now running out of time to fight for my health. My ND, Lyme’s doctor said in November 2016, my body is degenerating fast and I literally only have a 5-year window, a short opportunity financially to fix this disease and reverse the issues before it’s too late or I will remain bedfast for the rest of my life. My family and I have been through a long battle and very tough hardship to be able to get most medications, chiropractic treatments, additional blood work, continual testing and visits with the local LLMD, ND Lyme specialist/expert doctor that can help me fight this devastating health battle.

I, Beverly McCarrell, am ready, willing and able, along with other family members and friends, to commit ourselves to organizing a Benefit/Fundraiser Parking Lot/Homemade Baked Goods Sale, but we need your help. We need donations of any re-sellable items for this event (household items, tools, clothing, small appliances, electronics, furniture, books, CDs, etc.). We also need items which can be used for drawings; this will be taking place at the same time and place noted above. Donations or drawing items can be dropped off at this location between the hours of 8AM-5PM, weekdays until the day of the event (except May 12 and May 15), please call first to make sure I’m there. All of the proceeds from this event will go directly to Sherre’ and her family. Monetary donations can also be contributed by going to, an account set up in Sherre’ Weaver’s name. Checks can be made payable to Linda Belew (Sherre’s Mother) at the Benefit. We will gladly keep you updated regarding Sherre’s progress.

Please consider helping this wonderful family get back on their feet by donating to this effort. Thank you so much for your kind consideration of this request.

This dear lady needs help; she is putting her life back together after being unable to get adequate healthcare.



Baked Goods

Donated Items

Drawing Items


Cash Donated,

Gratefully Accepted

City of St. George Approved

Business License No. 00040720

Organized by:

Queen Beverly McCarrell, Needin' 2B Red