Hatter of the Year 2011
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Queen Too Too, Linda Knight Theriot, is the 2011 RHS Hatter of the Year!


As the first EVER Hatter of the Year, this sister has been called:

  • a helper
  • outgoing
  • outpoured of love
  • talented
  • best friend
  • confidant
  • mentor
  • angel
  • a joy to be around
  • a truly wonderful lady
  • an inspiration
  • someone who will pick you up when you are down and feel discouraged
  • the essence of Red Hatting
  • someone who will do ANYTHING for a Red Hatter,


just to name a few. She belongs to several Queens Councils and hails from the New Orleans area. Not only has she continuously embodied the true 'spirit' of RHS, she has shared the true 'spirit' of RHS. What an inspirational Hatter and one we are certainly proud to call a Sister!


EQM Sue Ellen, EVM Linda and Lady Bug Debra were thrilled to make the announcement and to present Linda with her official proclamation in the company of the RHS International Big Easy Bash party goers. The cheers were deafening and the night quickly dissolved into a love fest of smiles, hugs and tears of joy!

Queen Too Too Says:

"Just know that I'm still walking on clouds! I am hearing from ladies from all over the world. WOW, emails, cards, gifts, phone calls, invitations to events and from some that I do not even know (yet!). Who would have known that a plain old simple Cajun girl could win? WOW! I want to be as good to the next person who wins this award as people have been good to me. It's overwhelming. It's humbling.

At the convention, it took me an hour and a half to make it to my room after the announcement because I wanted to call my family. I say this because I think everyone was just so nice, caring, excited ... and the photo taking.... Oh my goodness, what a joy that was to feel all the love shared. They were just so excited for me and for the RHS for what y'all represent. Even total strangers showed excitement. And what's so funny is that when I got to my room, my best Red Hat sister Lynn Singley had already called my daughter and she said she had already seen the news on Facebook. She was receiving phone calls of congratulation and about me being on stage receiving flowers. The photos were posted on Facebook almost immediately by the ladies at the convention from their cell phones. I'm telling you, it was a joy to see my red hat sisters so excited. It's unexplainable, the love and joy all have experience for me and for the RHS. We love the RHS so much that whatever we can do to promote the Society is what I want to do."