Hatter of the Year 2013
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Queen Mother Mary, is the 2013 RHS Hatter of the Year!





Mary is a powerhouse Queen who opened the Ladies of Elegance Chapter in 2006. Her Chapter, which started with 60 Members and has grown to 168 Supporting Members, upholds the Chapter motto of being Elegant, Graceful, Tasteful, Respectful, Refined, Beautiful Women. Queen Mother Mary is a patient and compassionate woman who is filled with life and love for the Red Hat Society and her Chapterettes. “We live to be happy, and we love often. There’s no reason not to be happy when you’re surrounded by Hatters,” Queen Mother Mary said. One Chapterette commented that Queen Mother Mary shares “teaspoons of love” with anyone she comes into contact with, and she knows when she has to double back and give an extra dose to a woman in need.


Queen Mary has been called:

  • She’s patient
  • She’s calm
  • She’s humble
  • She’s a good listener
  • She’s outgoing
  • Life just oozes out of her
  • She loves to dance
  • She has a big heart
  • She knows how to share her love
  • She’s the definition of elegance


Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen, Queen Lady Bug Debra and Esteemed Vice Mother Linda were thrilled to announce Mary’s selection at the 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The ladies enjoyed a fun photo session the next morning.