Hatter of the Year 2014
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Queen Lady Butterfly, Marilyn Cresci, is the 2014 RHS Hatter of the Year!

Hatquarters was honored to crown Lady Butterfly Marilyn Cresci, of Red Hat Vintage Ladies (Arizona, United States,) as the 2014 Hatter of the Year!

Marilyn is a Red Hat Society Ambassador, and she’s the Queen of the Red Hat Vintage Ladies. She is excellent at speaking on behalf of the Sisterhood. She has covered three large expos and signed up over 200 new Supporting Members since becoming an Ambassador, more than anyone else.

Marilyn does everything within her power to help “keep the lamp lit”. She consistently does activities to promote the RHS. She was the first Ambassador to sign up the Governor of her state, Jan Brewer, as a Supporting Member. She was also the first to arrange a space for a RHS Hat and boa to be included on permanent display at the Tucson Museum. (Which is a sort of Scarlet Sparkle in itself considering a Red Hat from Tucson started this whole Society?)


Queen Marilyn has been called:

  • A loyal and observant Queen
  • An Ambassador and leader who represents the RHS with style and grace
  • Kind, inspiring, respectful, creative, cheerful, playful and a mentor
  • A bundle of positive energy who knows that the legacy of the Society is only as strong as the number of people it reaches, and she makes sure the word is out there.


Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen, Queen Lady Bug Debra and Esteemed Vice Mother Linda were thrilled to announce Marilyn’s selection at the 2014 Golden Gate Gala International Convention in San Francisco, California. The ladies enjoyed a fun photo session the next morning.