Red Hat Society App FAQs
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  • Enable Restrictions. The SocialLink app was developed for a mobile device. In order to see it on your iPad, you’ll need to enable restrictions. Follow the instructions found here.
  • Once you have enabled restrictions, return to your App Store and search for SocialLink
  • On your screen (normally found on the top) you’ll need to change the restrictions/filter FROM seeing “iPad only” apps to “iPhone only”.

The app should appear once these two things have been done. Now, follow the download instructions.

It’s probably because you are not entering your username and password correctly. Things to consider:

  • Is your Membership expired? If so, you will not be able to log on. Call Hatquarters at 866-386-2850 Monday through Thursday 8AM to 5PM PST to renew
  • Are you a Queen with multiple accounts? Be sure you are using the correct username and corresponding password of the account you would like to log in to. Each account has its own username and password.
  • Still can’t get in? Feel free to send an email to We are happy to assist you. Please be patient with us as we receive hundreds of emails per day. We are a small, but committed team!
  • Simple. Open your app, you will land on your News Feed.
  • Right above the first post, you’ll see a series of boxes. If this is a new app experience or you haven’t been active on the RHS website, you’ll see a series of boxes. Scroll until you see VIEW MY ACCOUNT and tap on CLICK HERE.

You are all set! Just as the boxes appeared on the website, you can scroll down to find all the features of your RHS Member only website.

  • Click on PHOTO on the News Feed screen. You should see the ability to take a photo or select a photo from your Camera Gallery.
  • If you choose to take a photo, just point and click!
  • If you choose to upload a photo from your gallery, click CAMERA. Select the photo(s) (no more than 10 can be uploaded from the app at a time, please) and click DONE.
  • Once you have either taken a photo or selected a photo from your mobile device’s camera, you will be returned to a screen to post a comment associated with the photo(s). Once you have typed out what you would like to say, click POST. That’s it!

The short answer is no. Only your CONNECTIONS will see them in the News Feed, as they have been invited by you to see those types of postings. However, if you post to the QMB, the Official Red Hat Society Group, the Ambassador Group or the Social Butterfly, all Queens and Members of those groups will see your post.

Only the Queens and Members of your Chapter Group will be able to see your posting in the group from their News Feed.