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Membership - Join The Red Hat Society as a Queen or Supporting Member

Want to learn more about 'Who We Are'? Click here.
Connect with like-minded women in a Society that supports and encourages you in your pursuit of
fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness.
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$39 US annually

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$20 US annually

Watch a welcome message from Red Hat Society Founder and CEO
Thank you for wanting to learn more about the greatest women's social organization in the world! We can't wait to get to know you!
We welcome you to join the international Red Hat Society -- a global Sisterhood on a mission to give all women permission to step out of the demands of life and step into a world of giggles, Sisterhood and fun! Our Queens and Members are made up of Red Hatters (those over 50) and Pink Hatters (those under 50).

It's time to ratchet up the fun-o-meter! Step out of the duties of your everyday life and give yourself permission to play. How will you do that? Through the online website for Society Members' eyes only. From a jam packed Events Calendar and fun Activities Collection to the ability to speak with like-minded women from around the globe, the RHS website will keep you chatting and having fun. When you join, you'll be introduced to the Society's own vocabulary where 'Scarlet Sparkles' (magical moments between Sisters) and REDuations (the ceremony given when a woman turns the magical birthday of 50) are a way of life.
I have had more fun and laughter in the last ten years as a Member of RHS than I have had in my whole life put together.
- Mary
Annual Membership dues ensure that our Legacy of fun and friendship is a part of women's lives for generations to come. Once you are an official Member, you have access to a multitude of benefits exclusive to annual Membership including the ability to communicate and connect with Sisters in your local area or around the globe.