Chapter Website Policies
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The following policies are part of Membership Terms and Conditions for those who wish to create Red Hat Society chapter web sites. Please review Membership Terms and Conditions in conjunction with the content herein.

  1. Chapter web sites must not represent the chapter as part of an independent organization.
  2. It must be clear from looking at the web site that it represents a chapter of the Red Hat Society and that it is not the Red Hat Society web site. The chapter name indicating such affiliation and a link to must be present on the home page of the chapter web site. This avoids confusion for those who are attempting to find the main Red Hat Society web site.
  3. A chapter should not use the poem, ?Warning?, by Jenny Joseph on its web site or violate copyright or trademark law in any way.
  4. A chapter web site may not be used to misrepresent or malign the Red Hat Society or any of its members or other chapters, and must not libel or defame anyone.
  5. Chapter web sites must not be used for the purpose of selling goods or services. A chapter must not use the Red Hat Society name, logo, or any other copyright or trademark of the Red Hat Society on a web site that sells goods or services which are not offered or licensed by The Red Hat Society, Inc.
  6. There should be no direct link from a Red Hat Society chapter page to other sites offering goods or services aimed at members of the Red Hat Society, which are not offered or licensed by The Red Hat Society, Inc.
  7. Chapters are welcome to use the Red Hat Society Chapter Logo graphic on their chapter web sites. The logo file is provided below.

To download the above logo, right-click and choose "Save to disk" or "Save as..." and save it to your computer desktop. For Mac users: clicking and holding the button down is the same as a right-click.

We reserve the right to remove the link from our site at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice.

We thank you for your cooperation and are glad that you have built a web site!

These policies are subject to amendment without prior notice. Please remember to also review Membership Terms and Conditions.