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Hatquarters is the physical headquarters of the Red HatSociety located in Fullerton, California USA. Hatquarters is the hub of the Sisterhood worldwide. We guide the socialcommunity and hold an over-the-top International Convention in a fabulouslocation every year.

We only ask our Hatters to:

  • Renew your Membership annually and keep us up to date on your contact information.
  • Wear your red and purple, at RHS events (or lavender and pink for our younger Sisters under 50).
  • Engage in the community; get to know your Sisters.
  • Support our cause to positively reshape the way women are viewed in our culture.
  • Of course, have the most fun possible!
For a Supporting Member, Chapters are optional. Many Supporting Members choose to participate in our online community, or participate at in-person events without aligning with any specific local Chapter. If you would like to be involved with a local Chapter, you may do so through the messaging feature on our website. If you are having difficulty connecting, please Member Services know, and we will be happy to help you. Another option is to consider upgrading your Supporting Membership to Queen, and start a Chapter of your own!

Have you ever opened an email from a good friend and been delighted to find pictures attached? That's how we feel every time we get pictures and stories from you! We regret that we cannot use all of them in our communications, but we will use as many as possible. In any case, we do love to see and hear about what you're doing!

The best way to submit photos and stories is to email them to us. Just attach the story or photo to an email, and send it to: stories@redhatsociety.com

No. However, they may certainly stay in the hotel and spend time with you when you are not at convention events.

The Red Hat Society, like virtually every entity, has valuable intellectual property including trademarks and copyrights which must be protected to be preserved. There are many who would like to utilize this intellectual property for their own commercial purposes. The appropriate way to do this is through an agreement (such as a license) which permits the use of this intellectual property. Anyone who fails to follow this approach infringes upon the rights of the Red Hat Society, which is illegal.

This does not mean that other commercial entities cannot produce and sell products which are in our colors. It simply means that they cannot use RHS intellectual property in doing so and create confusion in the mind of the public as to whether what they are doing is related to RHS. They must determine whether they would be violating the rights of the RHS in what they do, and make sure that they don't.

RHS encourages legitimate product by others which appeals to our Membership. There is a substantial amount of such product on the market, and we hope our Members will enjoy it.