Logo and Trademark Usage
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The Red Hat Society name is a registered trademark of The Red Hat Society, Inc. Our logo above the hat and sash, the sash alone, and Ruby Red Hat and other names and marks are also copyrighted by and/or trademarks of The Red Hat Society, Inc. protected under law. The Red Hat Society logo pictured above is the exclusive intellectual property of The Red Hat Society, Inc. Membership in the Red Hat Society does not give a person the right to use the name, logo, Ruby RedHat, or any other copyright or trademark. However, membership does give an individual special privileges with respect to the use of the Red Hat Society chapter logo and trademark, as delineated in the paragraphs to follow. Any person or group that uses the Red Hat Society name, logo, chapter logo, or Ruby RedHat graphic for profit without prior written authorization by The Red Hat Society, Inc. will be subject to prosecution under law.

Chapter Logo

The Red Hat Society Chapter Logo may be used by members of Red Hat Society chapters on Red Hat Society chapter web sites, name tags, chapter rosters, chapter newsletters, chapter event fliers, and the like without special permission, provided that it is not used to market or endorse goods or services of any kind, used to defame the Red Hat Society in any way, or used in connection with objectionable material, as determined by The Red Hat Society, Inc. We do however specify that any chapter member using the chapter logo must include the name of her chapter above, beside or below the Red Hat Society Chapter logo to avoid confusion.
For Example: "The Good Golly, Miss Molly" Chapter of Red Hat Society.

A downloadable picture of the Red Hat Society Chapter Logo graphic is available online to Supporting Members. If you are a Chapter Queen or a Supportings Member, you may download it at any time by clicking here.

If the items you would like to see bearing the chapter logo are not available in the Red Hat Society Store, you may secure the rights to produce items bearing the Red Hat Society Official Chapter Logo for your chapter only by completing a Red Hat Society Chapter Logo Usage Contract.
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Any use of Red Hat Society copyrights or trademarks beyond those specified above require prior written approval from The Red Hat Society, Inc. Such permission is not regularly given but may be obtained in exceptional and appropriate circumstances by contacting the Red Hat Society at its HatQuarters in Fullerton California.

All terms of usage on this web site are subject to amendment without prior notice.