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Dear Members of the Media:

Thank you for your interest in The Red Hat Society. 2018 is a very special year for us. It’s our 20th Anniversary and we plan on making the most of our playtime. From our international convention in New Orleans to a worldwide Hoot (gathering of Hatters), there’s so much to get excited about.

The Red Hat Society, a playgroup for women approaching 50 and beyond, began as a result of a few women deciding to greet middle age with verve, humor and élan. The Society is committed to changing the traditional notions of aging women and has become its own women’s movement—not strident, not angry—with a strong emphasis on the positive aspects of life, stressing the importance of friendship and sisterhood, the value of play and a determination to find the good in life everywhere possible. Queens and Members over the age of 50 wear red hats with purple clothing, while Queens and Members under the age of 50 wear pink hats and lavender clothing (more muted tones) until they “REDuate” into their “big girl colors.”

Women join the RHS for a multitude of reasons, but the one common denominator is to connect with kindred spirits who want to experience fun and friendship on a more fulfilling level. Queens and Members take part in a variety of activities designed to pamper, indulge and entertain; all while creating authentic relationships that support and encourage women to the most out of life.

Today, you’ll find The Red Hat Society and our Members organically infused in all areas of life. From novels to a sea of Red (and Pink) Hatters parading in events around the world, the Red Hat has forever changed the world’s view of women.

Our website, is the center point of communication between Queens, Supporting Members, Subscribers and The Red Hat Society Hatquarters located in Fullerton, California USA. Please take a moment to visit our website and be sure to include our site address in your piece.

Should you need more information or wish to schedule an interview with our Founder and Exalted Queen Mother Sue Ellen Cooper, our CEO Debra Granich or a local Member of The Red Hat Society, please contact me at 714-888-8132 or

Emily Yost
Marketing Director
The Red Hat Society, Inc.

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