Ruby RedHat's Bio
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In the year 2000, a little lady named Ruby appeared, out of nowhere, on the computer screen of EQM Sue Ellen's daughter, Andrea (aka Princess Daughter). Princess Daughter was working on the first RHS website and when Ruby got wind of it, she just volunteered her services as a representative (mascot?) for the entire membership. Ruby had recently finished compiling her Top Ten (plus one) Rules for Living and she had a feeling that both she and her rules would be able to help the Red Hat Society clarify its members and its purpose to the world. So she volunteered herself and her rules. She never asked for a salary; she didn't want to be paid anyway. She just wanted to belong – and, because she is not exactly a shrinking violet - she wanted to "march out in front," so to speak.

We were all thrilled to have her represent the little girl inside all of us, who is ready and willing to come out and play again in every woman who invites her to do so. In the years that have followed, we have endeavored to put together an official biography of little Miss Ruby – to no avail. She won't tell us much at all! She explains her reluctance this way: "The Red Hat Society has its doors wide open to each and every woman who wants to be a part of it, regardless of age, race, financial status, educational background, career, religion or political persuasion. If I reveal too much about my own background, I will lose my impact as a universal symbol. While I am proud of my life, and have nothing (well, almost nothing) to hide, I would rather leave personal details out of my bio. Let me stand for all of us, if you will!"

When we ask her about such things as her childhood, her family of origin, husband(s), children, her education, her religion or her politics she just breaks out her Mona Lisa smile and zips her lips. It's frustrating, but we have come to see – and respect – her point of view. We pretty much had to anyway, since she's awfully stubborn!

In her role or mascot, she is often invisible to those who don't "believe" in her, rather like Tinkerbelle in "Peter Pan." We do know that only those who have the Red Hat spirit can see her.

Here are the few facts we have been able to gather:

She was born into a "small, small world." In fact her name was originally Ruby Little. When she transitioned into her new life as the RHS official mascot, she changed her name, officially, to Ruby RedHat.

She once let it slip that, in high school, she was voted "Most Fun-loving".

When she was a child she loved ice skating because it's a great sport for someone low to the ground (not so far to fall). She was so excited when she learned to spin on the ice! Best of all, the skating outfits were really cute. (This may have been her earliest exposure to "bling".)

Her favorite part of school was reading. (Oh, how she loved Nancy Drew mysteries!) Recess was her second favorite part.

When quizzed about higher education, she will say only that she is "a student of humanity" – and is still learning. Men in her life? Oh yes! She claims that she has loved and lost, but "'tis better than to have never loved at all". She also has loved and won! She is currently unattached.

Family? She has thousands of Red Hat "sisters" and some others near and dear – but no details are available. She is willing to say that she has gotten to hold (and still gets to hold) plenty of very special little children in her lifetime.

Ruby has had her share of losses and disappointments (it's called living) but she does not dwell on the past. There is too much in the present to embrace. Let it go!

Here are a few personal bits of trivia she is willing to share:

Ruby is underheight for her weight, though a perfect 10 (inches tall). She will not divulge her weight, though she admits to being "hippy".

Her birthday is sometime in July (so her birthstone is the ruby), but she says she "can't remember" what year she was born. But she will swear that she is old enough to wear a red hat.

Does she have any collections? Yes, she collects friends.

Her favorite things to do are travel and try new things. Adventure is her avocation!

Her absolutely favorite food is lemon meringue pie (with Bananas Foster a close second).

Ruby has a tattoo of a little pink "scuffy" slipper on her right hip (one of her "biggest assets"). She wears pink slippers most of the time because, as she says, "I am SO done with pinchy shoes." Sometimes she loses a slipper or two at our conventions and we have to put out a request to everybody to look for them.

Her favorite musical is "HATS"

Her favorite fabric is Spandex.

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