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Welcome to the newest way to connect with RHS Members!  There are three ways to search using the tabs above:

  1. Basic Search: This feature allows you to search for Members by general location or a specific postal code.  Select from the drop down menus and/or fill in the search fields.  Click search and your results will appear below. 
  2. Radius Search:  Begin with the Starting Address field and select how you’d like to search. Will it be from the address in your profile or perhaps you plan on traveling and want to use the address of your hotel?  Fill in the information and select the mile radius you want to search.  Click search and your results will appear below. 
  3. Advanced Search:  Think of this as your Find a Chapter Feature.  Select Registered from the drop down menu and then click the Queen box.  Click continue.  Wait for the page to fully load.  Scroll down below the Groups listing and fill in the City/Town, Postal Code, Country, etc. and click Search.  Your results will be displayed. 

If you hover over the names, you will see a mini version of their Member profile.  Feel free to send them a message, check out their Chapter groups and Request Membership if you would like. 


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